A bucketful of good fortune for the family

Every year, KFC dresses its iconic family bucket in seasonal colours and designs to commemorate the festivities. To usher in the year of the Dog, we coined a saying; “金桶旺财”, a well-wish that loosely translates into “Wishing you buckets of GOLDEN fortune”. KFC chicken’s naturally golden colour further reinforces this connection between a wish for prosperity and the actual product.

Inspired by Chinese culture, we started with the luckiest of all colour combinations, red and gold. In keeping up with Chinese millennials we created a modern representation of man’s best friend alongside traditional Chinese calligraphy brush script for the seasonal message. We incorporated a highly-recognisable motif inspired by ancient Chinese coins, further reinforcing the greeting. The combination of product, colors, images and greeting worked well to heighten the festive mood in KFC outlets during the New Year.