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The Pompadour pays tribute to the golden age of barbershops

From the late 18th to mid 19th century, the barbershop wasn't just a place for genltemen to procure a haircut or a shave. It was a space where fraternities were formed. The Pompadour was envisioned to capture that unique experience of going to a classic English barbershop.

THE BOX - Have a seat in the barber's chair
Packaging exterior features motif inspired by iconic checkered floor reminiscent of English barbershops. A checkered motif adorns the packaging interior with the fragrance deep-set in the middle. (opening the box is like stepping in a barbershop) 

THE BOTTLE - The memory of walking into the Barber's
The Pompadour comes in a clear glass cylinder featuring vertical grooves. Classic barber pole with a comtemporary twist. The classic helix of red, white and blue stripes appears under the glass surface, and true to an actual barber pole, rotate as bottle is unscrewed for access to the fragrance. 

THE SHEET - Share today's topic
A product sheet designed as a newspaper typically found in barbershops of that time contains product information, its inspirations and fragrance profile. 
Reminiscent of a classic English barbershop, with a rounded fragrance that brings to mind fresh newsprint, minty hair tonic, citrusy oils, a hint of heady tobacco and notes of smoky leather.

The Pompadour is the gentlemen's pocket companion. It is a fragrance that reminds him of a time when men were afforded a luxurious den of sorts. A private circle where politics, sport and life could be discussed freely while the smells of hair tonic, tobacco, newsprint and fine leather filled the air.