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Afternoon Tea with an Impression

As the founder, and considered to be one of the most prolific practitioner of Impressionist painting, Monet is highly revered and his paintings still widely sought-after till today. Aimed to immerse and expose customers into the work of Monet, Pizza Hut collaborated with the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in the United States to deliver an exquisite and fashionable afternoon tea in the garden experience.


At the restaurant's entrance is a classic interpretation of Monet's iconic Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge painting. Combining the painting with realism, this technique brilliantly captured a Japanese footbridge standing over the waters at his garden in country-town Giverny, near Paris. Together with the water lilies elegantly swaying into the night, it allowed the entire restaurant to be immersed with an artistic atmosphere, enhancing customers' dining experience.


Monet completed the Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge painting in 1883, when he moved to the country-town of Giverny, near Paris. Here in this property, he built a picturesque water garden, where the Japanese footbridge spans across the narrowest part of the pond. This painting was also one of Monet's first paintings that accentuated the effects of differing weather and light conditions. It was acquired by MFA on September 20, 1961.

At the corner wall is the Vétheuil landscape painting, a country-town west of Paris where Monet lived from 1878 till 1881. This small town allowed him the opportunity to escape from the city, and allowed him to create some of his best paintings of the French countryside. Utilizing swirls and orange splashes to illustrate the golden lotus that he climbed, the painting is paired with a three-tiered Monet afternoon tea set, delivering a typical garden afternoon environment.

In addition, with Monet's Water Lilies, Grainstacks, Poppy Field and other acclaimed paintings are also on the walls, it further accentuated Monet's garden atmosphere to deliver an immersive experience to customers.