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A double order of nostalgia and national pride

The Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day are back-to-back autumn Chinese celebrations steeped in tradition. To commemorate this double celebration, KFC launched a cross holiday campaign with two limited edition buckets to promote the “happy holiday” spirit. 

The Mid-Autumn Festival Bucket pays tribute to an ancient fairy tale, depicting the full moon, a jade rabbit and lotus pond woven together in an ethereal fashion. On the National Day Bucket, the red ribbon and stars of China’s national flag are reassembled to celebrate China's birthday, while the yellow peony (national flower of China) and firework patterns reflect the prosperity of the country.

Both buckets share similar design architecture, while each visual tells a distinctive story through a bold and unconventional interpretation. One bucket inspires the nostalgia of a traditional festival just as the other evokes patriotism, making KFC more appealing than ever due to its appreciation of China’s culture and her people.