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Bringing a modern twist to tradition

Weitai 999 Granule is a 100% natural traditional Chinese health supplement that helps relieve gastric, abdominal pains and stomach cramps, and strengthen the stomach. 

Already popular amongst older consumers in China, the brand set out to target young, busy professionals. However, existing packaging looked old-fashioned, dated and medicinal. Redesigning the core packaging would enable the brand to highlight product benefits and appeal to young, modern Chinese consumers who concerned with the impact of their busy lifestyles on their stomach wellness. 

The new packaging introduces a vibrant colour palette along with fashionable illustrations of plants and herbs to cue the product’s 100% natural ingredients. What really sets the design apart is the visual of a healthy stomach, framed by the plants and herbs, which reinforces the stomach-protecting and strengthening properties of these natural ingredients. Featured prominently on the pack box, this iconic visual identity provided a strong shelf presence and communicated the product benefits in a simple, straightforward and distinctive way.  

The new packaging consists of three parts - an outer box which opens up to 4 smaller boxes within, each containing a week’s supply of the health supplement in individual sachets. Colourful, distinctive and contemporary, the packaging reinforces the traditional wisdom of the product and elevates the user experience of unboxing before experiencing the tummy protecting benefits of the product – in an easy-to-carry, ready-to-drink format. 

Launched in major cities throughout China in Q1 of 2019, the new packaging has garnered overwhelmingly positive comments on social media. It has also revitalised the brand image with a younger, more modern personality.