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Bottling the beauty of purity

THE BRAND. Coca Cola China's premier water brand, Chun Yue, set out to develop the most trusted total hydration solution for Chinese consumers. The brand needed to embody the purity of its water, thus it was paramount that the packaging convey Chun Yue's premium quality and positioning. Chun Yue was born on the promise of trust delivered with an uncompromising spirit. The brand promise of "Trust in Every Drop" is rooted in the uncompromising quality and production standards of The Coca-Cola Company.


INSPIRATION. A crystalline water drop as a symbol of purity. The creation of a unique crystalline water drop is Chun Yue's signature badge of trust. Intentionally transparent at its core, the iconic water mark effectively communicates the product's purity.

SIMPLE, BOLD and ICONIC. These were the guiding principles that drove the development of the label’s design. A signature purple colour differentiates the product from competitors. Facets radiating from the crystal water drop further enables the product to become a visual beacon on the shelf, making it easier for consumers to recognize and select. The visualisation of the semi-transparent label design and the rich purple color epitomises Chun Yue's desire to create a trusted total water source that is worry-free for consumers in a market where product quality is earned, not assumed.

THE RESULT: A visual mnemonic representing the levels of intense scrutiny and dedication Chun Yue place in designing and producing every single bottle of Chun Yue Water (550ml & 800ml).