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Welcome Oriental Flavour of The Palace

KFC once again launched a new breakfast campaign, this time featuring "Raw Beef Congee". Following a series of success incorporating oriental delicacies in the menu, KFC made a strategic choice to serve up the staple food of China - congee. In conjunction with celebrating the 600th anniversary of Imperial Palace, we coined this integrated marketing campaign as "Welcome Oriental Flavour of The Palace".

We vividly showcase the deliciousness of KFC's Raw Beef Congee within the avant-garde Imperial Palace setting via a series of gourmet key visual. We believe that a delicacy must be served in gorgeous plating in order to feast the eyes and create a mouth-watering appeal. Hence, we don the Raw Beef Congee with traditional Chinese costume, where the bowl is gleaming gold, and its patterns derived from Imperial Robe that symbolizes prosperity and vitality. A "Golden Bowl" that's befitting to serve even for the royals.

Similarly, taking inspiration from Chinese Imperial purse, the breakfast bag incorporates traditional Chinese charm to give people a bagful of happiness and inspiration. Altogether, the packaging was designed to convey the oriental theme of the campaign.