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Cheesier conversations for the next generation 

In bringing their “youthful and contemporary” brand personality to life, Pizza Hut China reviewed their existing delivery packaging and decided to redesign all core packaging. We segmented pizza boxes into four broad categories to correspond with the product’s base toppings; Meat, Cheese, Veggie, and Sweet & Spicy.

Unlike their elders, today’s young Chinese embrace simplicity and modernity more than ever. The new packaging introduces a bright color pallet along with whimsical illustrations of the featured toppings. However, what really sets them apart are the playful and catchy sayings featured prominently on each pack. We created a series of humorous sayings that relate to the product inside each pack. For instance; “Say cheese” for cheesy pizza, “Always by your side” for side serving bowls, and, “You are Souper” for soup servings. 

Final designs inject just the right amount of attitude without being irreverent. Launched in Q1 of 2018, the new system has garnered overwhelmingly positive comments on social media.