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Understanding women’s needs, inside and out

A bottle with a unique design will always stand out from the rest. Our goal was to create a PET bottle design that was visually arresting and appealing. Given that females are the key consumer group, the curvature of the bottle is shaped like a woman’s waistline. The bottle’s smooth silhouette is a reflection of the yogurt drink’s lighter, smoother texture as compared to the thickness of regular yogurt. The grooves on the bottle allows for a comfortable and easy grip, especially for women with small hands.

To project the brand personality as "authentic and original" along with its slogan of "simple with no additives”, the bottle label utilizes a simple and flawless design. Overall, the blue and white communicates the brand colors, while reflecting the nature of the product category as well as creating a sense of appetite. The label also features a landscape of the Danish countryside, people who leads a simple life, while also depicting the trademark Danish love for simplicity and high quality dairy products. 

A very successful product since its launch during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.