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Chang Qing Yogurt Drink - Enjoy the lightness

Consumers’demand for yogurt is becoming more diversified, and brands that offer a unique proposition tends to win over consumers. Yili Chang Qing “light after meal” yogurt drink is aimed at the growing prospect of the after-meal market. Through category, consumption occasion and functional innovation, Chang Qing meets consumers needs for post-meal burden reduction. 

Chinese name of this yogurt drink means “a bottle after meal, to enjoy the lightness” which is easy to remember while clearly indicating the consumption occasion. 

The target audience Yili Chang Qing “light after meal” yogurt drink is professional white-collar workers aged 25-35. They typically cope with work stress by indulging in food and snacks. Hence, this new “light after meal” product is based on the concept of “less is more”, advocating that you can live freely as long as you feel light. The yogurt drink is light and natural, efficacious with a great taste. Packaging design is also a critical part of conveying the product’s concept, that’s why it’s designed to be small with green color to give people a sense of refreshing enjoyment and lightness. We want consumers to feel that they can achieve a healthy gut in a fast-paced and high stress life.