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A contemporary dosage of probiotics

The Brief:
Living a healthier lifestyle is no longer an alternative. It's become the norm. As a result, people are paying more attention to their digestive health. 999 saw this opportunity and decided to launch Qinyidian - a new range of probiotic supplements that contain 7 types of active probiotics. We were challenged to deliver a new brand logo and packaging design that appealed to health-conscious while still allowing room for a modern design lauguage. 

Our Design:
A In a category filled with traditional-looking packaging designs, our goal was to create standout branding system and communicative visual identify. We proposed a product logo and visual device system inspired by the iconic, universal geometric sysbol for probiotics. We added a modern twist to the symbol by using vibrant color gradients for clean, calming and comtemporary vibe. The next step was to highlight the key selling point by incorporation "7" (from 7 active probiotics) into the logo. In combination with the color gradients, this produced the illusion of dynamic movement to represent living, active probiotic cells. We also applied a spcieal laser printing technique on the "7" brand icon device to highlight the product's 7 probiotic types. The result is an overall packaging design that is less clinical yet still professional, featuring an inspiring modern look that stands out on the shelf.