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Celebrating 30 years with a combo of innovation and design

To celebrate KFC's 30th anniversary in China, the brand decided it was time to really reach out to its younger fans and followers by redesigning all core packaging.  

Young Chinese are eager to break away from convention, wanting to embrace modernity and simplicity in their lives. Plus, they’re always keen on a hot new look. Therefore, a holistic new distinctive memory system (DMS) was created with the perfect combination of brand heritage and a modern code of simplicity. The KFC logo boldly takes almost one-third of the pack front, to form the iconic DMS together with the red & white stripes extracted from the Colonel’s apron. Additionally, a symbolic star icon was added, representative of the Colonel's dedication to “30 years of superior service”, which bodes well for many years to come.

The design is a bold approach that solves functional needs while reinforcing KFC’s youthful brand identity.