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When a store becomes a National Gallery

The concept of the “The Glory of National Treasure” project focuses on promoting Chinese culture and instilling cultural confidence in the young generation.


During the 2018 Chinese New Year, a total of 17 cultural relics from the National Museum of China were exhibited in 18 KFC stores. These stores were located in the different regions where the relics were first discovered with the aim of rallying the national pride of local inhabitants. This also presented the opportunity to transform the store interiors by artfully integrating these relics with respective bar counters and dining areas.


This resulted in the transformation of stores into artistic galleries that showcased the uniqueness and intricacies of each relic. Customers were able to appreciate ancient textures, materials, techniques and their origins right from the window display, store partitions and wall hangings. Ultimately, “The Glory of National Treasure” brought these cultural relics to life in the familiar comfort of KFC stores.