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Tsingtao Artisan's Brew Beer Limited Edition 

Beer has been an ever-present in China with a long history dating back to centuries ago. Tsingtao is one of the pioneers in the country, delivering high quality and smooth tasting beer for generations. 

To commemorate its 100 years anniversary in the business, Tsingtao launched a limited edition artisan brew beer as a showcase for a brand, known for its tradition and craftmanship.

Bringing the brand back through time, we created a design that tells a story of how beer were transported in the olden days. With horse-carriages being the main mode of transportation back then, a traditional-looking one was rightfully featured prominently in the design. Integrating this with quality-sourced beer-making ingredients, a circular trail highlights the journey taken by Tsingtao in delivering top quality beer througout the country.