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A Modern and Stylish New Yixiao Yogurt

Brand / Product
Yili Yixiao yogurt packaging upgrade

The Brief

Revitalize the Yixiao yogurt Olympic and regular packaging by upgrading the designs to highlight on its functional product benefits and enhance the quality of product. Whilst design upgrading is paramount, core visual assets of the Yixiao brand must be maintained, and design language needs to be able to communicate with the new consumer category.

Our Solution / Strategy
Breaking through from the green image of the old Yixiao packaging, we turned the overall color tone to white to enhance the visual sense of fashion, and to deliver a simple and light appearance to highlight the healthy attributes of the product. The overall texture of the circular VI and movement of the outer lines greatly enhanced the product quality image, and helps to direct focus to the visual area, to build on an iconic packaging identity. The new design is a balance of a bold yet cautious approach to ensure that the brand Yixiao brand DNA is maintained, but being able to deliver a brand new visual experience to consumers.