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Have a warm winter with KFC Breakfast 

As snow falls on the red wall, nothing dispels the cold during the winter like having a warm porridge. 

On a snowy February morning, at the break of dawn, the sound of breakfast stalls selling porridge adds warmth to a typical winter day. KFC collaborates with Imperial Palace to serve warm winter porridge with longan and pumpkin. A new day begins with a spoon and bowl.

Specially selected yellow millet paired with pumpkin, red dates, lotus seeds and sweet logan. These 5 wholesome ingredients mixed togther makes a wonderful bowl of porridge. Every spoonful is sweet, has great texture and flavour, giving you a boost of warmth and energy. 

When red wall and yellow tiles are covered in snow, it signifies the arrival of this delicious porridge. When you enjoy KFC and Imperial Palace's Longan and Pumpkin Porridge, it signifies a warm and smooth sailling year ahead.