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Summer at The Forbidden City - KFC & The Palace Museum Summer Campaign

In the summer of 2021, KFC joined hands with the Palace Museum to launch a limited time breakfast menu - mung bean and barley porridge. When we think about summer, scorching sun and heat wave instinctively comes to mind. But when summer is associated with "Summer at the Forbidden City", the first impression becomes quiet and peaceful, green and breezy. 

That's what we tried to recreate with KFC's KV theme - tranquility and comfort in the depths of the imperial garden within the Forbidden City. The setting is a serene lake surrounded by mountains and nature, a refreshing bowl of mung bean and barley porridge stands in the center of this serene setting. A contrast to the scorching heat during summer. The visual invites you to take a mounthful to satisfy your palate, and be transported to the Imperial Garden where you can feel the cooling breeze and listen to the sound of cicadas. 

We developed a series of beautiful campaign pictures and theme that correspond to the wholesome ingredients while depicting "Summer at the Forbidden City": clear rain, ripples, butterflies and mountains. Each bowl of porridge consists of plump mung beans, soft chewy barley, wheat and red rice. Every bite is rich in flavour, fresh and fragrant, and delicious till the last bite that would keep you wanting more.