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Refreshing Bubbles with Vibrant Energy

Project background:

As the “No. 1 functional drinks company in China”, Eastroc Beverage has created another brand new beverage - Eastroc Bubble Special Drink. The product is added with bubbles to create a fresh and refreshing taste. As part of the Eastroc Beverage “energy +” matrix, the new product is an attempt of design aesthetics that appeals to young people. Ivie needed to break the existing image of Eastroc energy drinks and design a new Bubble Special Drink packaging to help it stand out on the shelves and attract the young consumers who pursue fashionable and cool trends.


Strategic thinking:

Eastroc Bubble Special Drink is positioned as an “energy drink with bubbles”. The refreshing bubbles are the biggest difference from other products of Eastroc energy family, and the variety of flavors is the current demand trend of young consumers. At the same time, refreshing and anti-fatigue beverages that replenish physical energy fits the demands of consumers, especially the positive and energetic attributes of young people. Focusing on the combination of “energy + bubbles”, it reflects the attributes of the functional beverage category, taking into account the appeal of bubbles, highlighting the vitality and coolness of youth.


Design solution:

Our design is inspired by “thermal imaging”, simulating thermal imaging to visualize the energy, hoping to maximize the impact of the instantaneous burst of energy. Energy is captured in a line wave, which is simple and modern, perfectly complimenting the shape of the air bomb bottle. The design conveys the functional characteristics of the product through a sense of combat spirit. Bold and distinctive color clash is unique and cool to highlight youthfulness.

Unlike other products that simply enlarge the bubbles, we present ascending bubbles to convey a refreshing taste. Incorporated with the Eastroc logo, metallic colors introduces vibrant texture.

The whole brand area is like an engine, with energy line waves cleverly incorporated to achieve the perfect combination of “energy + bubbles”! The design can help the product to instantly attract young consumers when displayed on the shelves. It will surely become a unique milestone product of the Eastroc energy family.