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Ivie China wins 6 awards at the Muse Awards 2022

Ivie China is off to a great start in 2022’s award season! We won 6 awards at the recent Muse Awards 2022 – Gold (Rebrand) and Silver (Baby & Children) for Baobaochanle packaging design, Gold (Limited Edition) and Silver (Wine, Beer, Liquor) for Tsingtao Centennial Brew Beer packaging design, Gold (Rebrand) for Weitai 999 Granule packaging design and Silver (Health & Wellness) for 999 Qinyidian packaging design. Congratulations to our working teams – our perseverance and hard work has paid off! Heartfelt thanks to our clients for your trust and collaborative spirit, we couldn’t have done this your support.  

More information on our award-winning designs:


We reimagined the Baobaochanle packaging design to reflect their mission of providing fresh, natural goodness for healthier and happier children. Our team went through many rounds of exploration to arrive at its current design that features fresh food and a friendly illustrated face to appeal to our audience. Our award-winning design is a proven success as sales has uplifted since its relaunch.

Tsingtao Centennial Brew Beer

This limited-edition packaging design is for Tsingtao Centennial Brew Beer’s 100 Years Anniversary. The design tells the story of how beer was transported back in the old days using horse carriages, a nod to the brand’s legacy. We were involved in this project from start to finish - from conceptualization, design to sourcing for materials for packaging production. The brand team entrusted us to take lead in the entire process to ensure that what was envisioned is brought to life.  

Weitai 999 Granule

Weitai 999 Granule existing packaging looked old-fashioned, dated and medicinal; hence a rebranding brief was given to us to redesign its packaging. Our objective is to bring out the product benefits and appeal to young and modern Chinese consumers. The end result was a design that is vibrant and fashionable with plants and herbs illustration to cue 100% natural ingredients. Plants and herbs frame the shape of a stomach to reinforce the product’s stomach-protecting properties and convey its function in an intuitive way.

999 Qinyidian

999 Qinyidian is a new range of probiotic supplement that contains 7 types of active probiotics. In a category filled with traditional-looking packaging designs, our goal is to create a branding system and visual identity with modern design language. The product brand device we proposed combines the universal geometric symbols for probiotics and product’s key selling point “7”, ensuring that the product type is easily recognized while making our key selling point apparent. To make the design more outstanding, we use color gradients which creates an illusion of dynamic movement, mimicking active probiotic cells. For the finishing, we applied a special laser printing technique on the “7” logo that makes it even more eye-catching.